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Chief Financial Officer



Accounting & Finance
United States · Remote
Posted on Wednesday, April 24, 2024

About Mixbook

Mixbook is an award-winning design platform giving consumers unrivaled creative freedom to design and share one-of-a-kind stories, transforming the lives of more than 6M people. Today, we are the #1 rated photo book service in the US with 26K 5-star reviews and a profitable, growing business. Customers love Mixbook for our powerful and intuitive editor, superb quality, designer themes, and our fanatical customer service.

Founded by two Inc 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs from UC Berkeley California, Mixbook has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, TechCrunch, The Verge, Washington Post, New York Times, and many other global media outlets.

At Mixbook, we are on a transformative journey to empower creativity and forge deep connections through our innovative and expanding suite of photo products. As we continue to integrate cutting-edge technology and Generative AI into our offerings, we are seeking a strategic Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to join our leadership team. This role is not just about overseeing finances; it's about driving sustainable, profitable growth and innovation, embodying our core values of Scrappy, Caring, and Craftsmanship.

At Mixbook, our Executive Leadership Team believes that strong, values-driven leadership is essential for both financial success and the development of our human and intellectual capital. We cultivate a collaborative, transparent environment where creativity and a passion for our mission thrive. This means fostering a psychologically safe, growth-oriented culture where every team member feels valued, empowered, and embraced within a "we win together" mentality.

This is leadership with heart.


As our CFO, you'll work closely with the executive team and Board of Directors, serving as a key strategic advisor with a focus on financial and investment strategies that align with Mixbook’s business objectives. Your leadership will ensure the financial health and strategic direction of the company, driving execution across all levels of the organization.

As our Chief Financial Officer, you'll be more than a financial steward - you'll be a key driver of this unique culture. You'll balance financial prudence with investments in human potential, shaping Mixbook's future with a strategic vision that aligns financial goals and our deeply held values. If you're a leader driven by more than just numbers, and passionate about building a business where principles and profits coexist, then this is an opportunity worth exploring.


  • Scaling the business profitably: Focus on driving margins and efficiently scaling production.
  • Strategic expansion initiatives: Including global expansion, product mix diversification, and exploring new business models.
  • Business model transformation: Emphasis on pricing strategies, promotional activities, and models for new business lines such as subscription and SAAS.
  • Driving culture and leadership: Enhancing our positive organizational culture and strong leadership amid growth and change, aligned with Mixbook's leadership philosophy guided by our commitment to Mixbookers, Customers, and our Community.
  • Strengthening the financial foundation: Ensuring stability in cash flow and financial operations to support sustained growth and success.


Preferred Location: Bay Area / San Francisco or Boston for optimal face-to-face collaboration.

Note: While we value in-person interactions, our search for the right talent extends beyond geographic limitations.

What You'll Do

  • Strategic Leadership: Collaborate with the executive team and Board to define financial and strategic goals, ensuring alignment with Mixbook's mission. Act as a strategic advisor to the CEO, contributing to key decisions and strategies across the organization ensuring consistency in generating top-line revenue through strategic planning and execution.
  • Financial Oversight: Lead the financial execution of our strategy, including managing liquidity, cash flow, ROI, and ensuring accurate reporting and forecasting.
  • Team Management: Initially, the CFO will oversee all operational functions, encompassing Finance and Legal, along with interim management of Printer Operations, Customer Happiness, People Operations, Culture & Growth, and Talent Acquisition teams until the appointment of a COO.Manage, direct and mentor the Finance, Printer Operations, Customer Happiness, Legal, People Operations, Culture & Growth and Talent Acquisition teams, fostering a culture of growth and excellence.
  • Planning and Analysis: Oversee long-range planning, budgeting, and analysis, guiding Mixbook’s sustainable success.
  • Compliance and Relationships: Manage all global compliance, regulatory, and reporting requirements while maintaining strong relationships with shareholders, banks, and external institutions.
  • Operational Excellence: Lead the development of policies and procedures that support the achievement of strategic business objectives, operational efficiency, and results.
  • Cultural Leadership: Cultivate an environment where team members feel empowered to thrive and grow.

What You'll Need

  • Experience: 15+ years in finance with 10+ years of leadership experience, including 4+ years as a CFO
  • Industry Expertise: Demonstrated experience in e-commerce or SaaS, preferably in both sectors.
  • Strategic Vision: Proven ability to develop and implement financial strategies that align with business objectives.
  • Leadership: Exceptional leadership skills with a track record of inspiring and developing diverse functional teams, fostering innovation, and promoting collaboration. Must possess the ability to address current challenges while fostering adaptability for future growth.
  • Financial Expertise: Comprehensive knowledge of financial planning, risk management, and regulatory compliance. Experience in M&A, capital markets, investor relations, and strategic external communications is ideal.
  • Scale: Experience in scaling both revenue and teams (At least $200M+ in revenue)
  • Supply Chain Management: Possess previous experience and understanding of supply chain operations, including contract negotiation, and management of third-party vendors. Embracing a cultural ethos that views the third-party network as a partnership rather than solely a cost-saving source.
  • Transition Management: Skilled in managing transitions, particularly related to shifting business models, e-commerce, recurring revenue programs, and revenue-sharing.
  • Profitable Growth: Demonstrated ability to drive profitable growth, optimize margins, and manage cost structures effectively.
  • Communication Skills: Strong communication skills with the ability to convey complex financial concepts to stakeholders at all levels.
  • Alignment with Mixbook Values: A deep commitment to our core values and the ability to embody these in leadership and decision-making.

Your Mindset

  • Leadership Mindset: Influence, inspire, and guide teams towards collective success. Shape decisions and behaviors through effective communication and leading by example, earning respect through more than just authority. Align team goals with the larger vision, fostering a culture of trust and shared ambition.
  • Ownership Mindset: You take initiative, going beyond your role to drive organizational progress. Assume responsibility, proactively seek solutions, and commit to personal improvement for the benefit of yourself, your team and the business.
  • Strategic Business Acumen Mindset: Adept at navigating between the details of daily tasks and the broader perspective of long-term objectives. Interpret data for actionable insights, ensuring that daily actions are consistently aligned with broader business goals across functions.
  • Adaptive Resilience Mindset: You are adept at navigating change, capable of bouncing back from setbacks with flexible approaches, and view resilience as crucial for your growth and the company's success. You have an inherent interest and willingness to take on diverse responsibilities.
  • People First Mindset: Understand the significance of empathy and use it to cultivate a collaborative environment. Valuing vulnerability, both in asking for help and offering support, as crucial for building strong team dynamics.
  • Growth Oriented Mindset: You embrace challenges as opportunities for both personal and professional growth, willing to take risks and actively seek feedback for continuous improvement. You prioritize open communication and constructive debate to arrive at the best solutions.

Join us at Mixbook, where creativity meets connection, and leadership fuels our future. Let’s create something incredible together.

Company Mission

Our mission is to empower people to be creative and connect deeply with the ones they love.

Our Culture

Unlike many growth companies, we have invested deeply in culture. Organizational health is central to our long-term strategy – we believe that when we love our people, they will love our customers, and our customers will love our business. We’ve adopted Patrick Lencioni’s principles from his book, “The Advantage”, and work diligently to foster a healthy environment - characterized by high morale + productivity, low turnover, and minimal politics + confusion. Our team is built on a foundation of vulnerability-based trust, engaging in constructive conflict, focusing on results and the following core values:

  • Scrappy (Act like an entrepreneur)
  • Caring (Heart of empathy)
  • Craftsmanship (Spirit of excellence)

If you’re a candidate who values a healthy, thriving organizational culture and understands the importance of actively contributing to it, we invite you to apply.