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VP of Operations - AI Training

Invisible Technologies

Invisible Technologies

Software Engineering, Operations, Data Science
Posted on Monday, December 11, 2023

Who are we?

Invisible has experienced exponential growth, quadrupling in size year over year for the past three years. By the conclusion of 2023, we are on track to achieve an annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $100 million. Operating as a profitable business, we maintain a near complete ownership stake, with a firm foundation built on robust financial management. As part of our commitment to our team, we are excited to offer substantial equity compensation, presenting a life-changing equity opportunity for our Partners.

Invisible Technologies stands at the forefront of operations innovation. We remove strategic roadblocks for clients, providing solutions to the world’s most complex business problems. A technology-led managed execution service, our success is driven by our powerful process orchestration platform, which blends the perfect mix of artificial and human intelligence with automation to create extraordinary growth and scale opportunities for clients.

We believe that…

  • Our Mission is to unlock the creative potential of people and companies; we are the engine that powers innovation.
  • Our Clients are pioneers of innovation; in industries ranging from AI to insurance to solar, many of our clients are well-known and on the cutting edge of technology and strategy.
  • Ownership is our guiding value; every partner on the team is the “CEO” of their area - each of us are empowered to jump in and solve the problems in front of us.
  • Meritocracy creates alignment; the value someone produces should be reflected back in the position of responsibility and compensation that they receive.
  • Transparency is vital for us to run an entirely remote organization; what one of us knows, all of us should know.

What you will be doing

The VP of Operations (AI Training) will be responsible for leading and managing the overall operations of the company’s AI Training services. This includes developing and implementing strategies to increase efficiency, scalability and customer satisfaction, as well as leading and managing the operations team and working closely with other departments to ensure a seamless delivery experience for customers.

Your Mission

As VP of Operations for AI Training, you will be responsible for owning the engine that is powering the world’s leading innovation: AI.

Invisible is partnered with some of the leading companies in AI development as their core human data training partners. Our AI training team is made up of hundreds of team members, ranging from bright high school graduates to PhDs & professors, from engineers and mathematicians to creative writers and linguists.

As VP you will be responsible for the entire AI training division: managing hundreds of trainers and managers/directors and collaborating with some of the world’s top AI researchers.

In addition to team management, you will be on the front lines of innovating new methods of AI training, constantly iterating and refining how human-generated data can best impact the AI models that our clients are creating.

The three core pillars of your responsibilities will be:

  • Operations Management: indirectly managing a team of hundreds of AI trainers and directly managing a team of several Operations Managers and Operations Analysts as they manage the production of high-quality work on nuanced AI training processes.
  • Client Management: partnering with researchers and managers at our clients’ companies at both the strategic and tactical levels, working with them to define their needs, map their processes, and ensure our work is achieving their goals.
  • Systems Thinking: constantly iterating on the design of our processes, applying to both external AI training processes that we run for our clients as well as internal management systems that help you manage your team more efficiently and effectively. Whilst some process innovations will not require new technology, others will. You will partner with product managers on Invisible’s technologies team to be able to create new technologies.

Who we want

Additional qualifications that are not required but would be desired are:

  • Worked in a company that is currently within the AI innovation boom. This includes AI research tech firms (e.g. OpenAI, Google, Amazon, Anthropic, etc) or within AI services or AI training services firms (e.g. ScaleAI, Labelbox, Turing, etc). You would need to demonstrate a strong understanding of the space if they don’t have this experience
  • Have a vision for the AI space and AI training within it — this will be far from perfect (and perfect is impossible) but what’s important is that thinking has been put towards it.
  • Experience managing an organization of at least 50+ people (though 200+ would be preferred).
  • Been in client-facing roles in a consulting or strategic partnership capacity.
  • Big plus if you have a technical background or a recent (<10 years old) major in ML/CS at a university.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Working Times: US (EST or PST) Hours
  • Total Comp: $239k - $328k = $175k Max Cash + $64k-$153k Equity
    • $125k Base
    • $50k Target Cash Bonus
    • Equity value based on $200M-$500M valuation range, and represents 1 year of vesting.
    • Total equity grants are on a 4-year vesting schedule with a 1-year cliff.
  • Flexible Work Schedule / Unlimited Vacation Days
  • Work Remotely